Monday, March 22, 2010

Atlanta Radio's Special Teams

We all know Atlanta radio's starters, who are on the front lines every day.  But Atlanta radio has special teams that put those starters in scoring position.  Their members might not be quite as famous, but they greatly enhance their stations' numbers.

This week, we want to pay tribute to the broadcasters who make up this group.  So in alphabetical order, here we go:

Jamie Dupree - WSB-AM:  How can someone calmly express his opinions to Neal Boortz, especially when said opinions do not always jive with the Talkmaster's?  And why does the theatrical Mr. Boortz not jump all over those views?  Maybe it's because Cox Radio's Washington correspondent, Jamie Dupree, has Boortz' respect.  Dupree's knowledge and steady demeanor make his added value to Atlanta's Morning News, Neal Boortz and WSB newscasts very significant.

Captain Herb Emory - WSB-AM:  He's a very key part of WSB's drivetimes.  His captain moniker, authoritative voice and sure-footed delivery reassure motorists and add to the station's credibility.  He also contributes NASCAR expertise by hosting a racing show on Saturdays.

Kirk Mellish - WSB-AM:  He predicted this would be an unusually cold winter, and he was right.  He said we would get some bad weather in early March.  Right again.  Kirk Mellish is the go-to forecaster when severe weather threatens.  He's Atlanta's weather scientist, and he's earned the market's trust.  His studious sound perfectly complements the broadcasters whose radio voices surround him.

Doug Miller - Star 94 (WSTR-FM):  A real radio guy, Doug started as a jock and at one time held down afternoon drive at Charlotte's Kiss 95.1, one of the Southeast's most respected CHR's.  But his real calling was in imaging and production, which were also his duties at Kiss.  He later became Production/Imaging Director at Mix 93.3 in his home state of Missouri.  Doug has been working his magic at Star 94, and the station now has the market's best and most creative imaging product, which adds tremendously to its overall sound.  He made the current Everyday Payday promotion come across as huge.

Ms. Sophia - V-103 (WVEE-FM):  Ms. Sophia brings something really different--hilariously different--to morning radio in Atlanta.  She--um, he--delivers the celebrity gossip twice each day on the Frank & Wanda Show.  Ms. Sophia in real life is comedian Joe Taylor and was discovered by Wanda Smith.  After guesting a couple of times, Sophia joined the team.  Since CW 69 started taping the show for broadcast at night, Sophia has been appearing around town in drag, making her act "roflmao" funny.

Rob Stadler - Star 94 (WSTR-FM):  Rob is a member of that super-rare club with more than 20 years in Atlanta radio.  When he first spoke into a 94.1 mic, the station's moniker was 94Q.  Every morning, Rob accomplishes something even more unusual than his tenure.  He delivers newscasts that add substantial value to a station playing contemporary music, a format not often associated with the old radio promise, "where news comes first."  Star 94 recognizes Rob's value, holding on to him through the bad economy and budget cuts.  And you can bet he's earning a salary commensurate to his contributions.

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