Saturday, August 18, 2012

AAA Returns On September 10

I am pleased to announce that Atlanta Airwave Action will be back on September 10.  I have been enjoying a much-needed summer break.

In the past, AAA has been published every Monday evening with the exception of holiday weeks.  That of course required writing the column each week whether or not anything of importance had happened.  Being "forced" to deliver a column every week meant having to come up with one in quiet weeks.  By Saturday morning, if I had not written AAA, I had to think of something and create a column.  This resulted in a bit of burnout, but I felt if people looked for AAA and did not find it, they would stop looking.

Going forward, I plan to write Atlanta Airwave Action in the weeks when a situation merits it.  Of course, I will post the column on Facebook on the Monday evenings when a new one is available.  The best way to keep up with new issues of AAA is by following us on Twitter at

Thanks for your support!  I will see you soon.