Monday, February 22, 2010

Adam Bomb Leaves Q100

Former Q100 night slammer Geller had his dream job.  Dylan Sprague, his PD under Susquehanna, had given him the run of the house.  Geller was there to entertain, and that he did.  While at times I wished I could have told him, "Come on, play some music," he developed quite a fan base.

When Cumulus Media Partners took over Q100 in 2007, the company implemented its more-music philosophy.  Geller found it difficult to perform within the limitations and bolted.  Not long after, he took his act to Raleigh's G105.

Adam Bomb followed new Cumulus/Atlanta programming chief Rob Roberts to Q100 from Y100 in Miami.  I guess the days of the super CHR voices, like JJ Kincaid, are pretty much over.  Though Adam Bomb's voice was not big, it was good and well-suited to evenings on Q100.  His delivery was fast-paced and exciting, his timing was tight, and he definitely had a feel for CHR.  He interacted well with his audience on the telephone and in person.

Adam did a quintessential CHR show, and it worked well with Q100's more liberal playlist in the evening.

So as Adam leaves for a promotion within Cumulus, rumored to be at the company's new CHR in Dallas, I want to express my opinion that he did an excellent job here in Atlanta.  And, as another quality talent is gone from Atlanta radio, I wonder who will be next to work evenings at Q100.

Cumulus' Redheaded Stepchildren
If anyone thinks the small ratings of Rock 100.5 and 99X mean those stations are not important to the cluster, forget that thought.  Cumulus has brought in super-salesman Chris Murray as General Sales Manager of those two properties.  Murray has in turn hired 3 of the market's best and most-experienced sales people.  Murray was previously a GSM at Radio One/Atlanta and owns an FM station in Macon.  Cumulus is definitely spending some bucks to compensate Murray and his staff.

This all suggests Cumulus will work hard to fix things on the programming side.  That ratings will increase is of course more uncertain than the sales part of the equation.

Heard on B98.5
Christy Henry filled in as the news person on B98.5's Steve & Vikki Show last week.  She reported Atlanta traffic for Metro Networks for years, was producer for Randy & Spiff at Fox 97 and held the morning news position at B98.5 that she temporarily filled last week.  Since leaving B98.5, she has done work for CNN Radio.

When Henry departed B98.5 previously, the market buzz was that it was not her decision.  In any case, she was an upgrade to the shift, and it was good to hear her again.  Of course, the news means nothing to the ratings of Steve & Vikki, which was a reason they could lay off Jeff Hullinger with little in the way of audience repercussions.

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  1. When Adam came in 2006, Q100 had toiled at the bottom of the ratings and didn't have much street credibility. That changed for the 4 years he was there. He created a show with characters, bits, a street team and created a brand which Q100 is lacking at night now. Billy Bush is awful. He rarely identify's the station, mostly because he can't. Adam will be missed.

    tara wonz